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PreSonus Field Audio

PreSonus Audio collaborated with System Blue, the Blue Devils, and Audio-Technica to provide the most powerful and easiest-to-use field audio system on the market. Our combined experiences allow us to deliver a system that is catered to the marching ensemble, fully supported with training and tutorials, and at an affordable price.

Download our Field Audio Bid Sheet to design your own system! 

StudioLive™ AI Digital Mixers 
The StudioLive AI digital mixer is ideal for field use because it features:

  • An easy-to-use layout, allowing anyone to make quick adjustments without digging through menus
  • Full metering, so you can see the input and output every of every channel at a glance
  • Wireless control from iPad or laptop, so you can control your sound from where it sounds the best: in the stands or on the sidelines
  • Total recall of all settings. You can save multiple scenes to allow for quick recall during performances.
  • Extensive signal processing to dial in each instrument in order to get the best sound possible and to help avoid audio feedback
  • Multitrack recording, allowing you to save every performance and listen back to every rehearsal

ULT- Series Loudspeakers
The ULT-Series active loudspeakers combine the widest horizontal dispersion (110° wide!) of any loudspeaker in their class with a focused vertical dispersion (50°) for an Ultra-Long Throw. PreSonus’ proprietary Pivot X110 horn can easily be rotated to accommodate horizontal or vertical orientation of the cabinet. The result is even coverage throughout the space, enabling the audience to clearly hear natural music reproduction from the Press Box all the way down to the front row. 

StudioLive AI Active Integration™ Loudspeakers
The StudioLive AI Loudspeaker system delivers 2,000 watts of continuous power in a true 4-way system, using the StudioLive 315AI 3-way loudspeaker and StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer. Your audio will be clear and loud through all frequencies and in all dynamic ranges. These speakers provide everything needed in one box, and since the amps are perfectly matched to each speaker, they deliver amazingly loud sound with relatively low power consumption, which is essential for the marching field.

Audio-Technica Microphones
Audio-Technica has a long history of providing high-quality microphones, and they have used their extensive knowledge to select the perfect microphone for each field audio application:

  • The PRO37 cardioid condenser will bring out all the subtle nuances of mallet instruments.
  • The PRO63 cardioid dynamic is great for voice or solo instruments.
  • The ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic will isolate the on-field soloist and avoid background noise.
  • The System 10 Wireless solution is perfect for the soloist on the move.
  • The drum kit package includes the ATM250DE for kick drum, ATM650 for snare, and ATM350 for toms. The PRO37 is also ideal for an overhead mic to catch the cymbals. 

Engaged by pressing any Select button, the StudioLive AI-series Fat Channel section delivers a compressor, limiter, gate/expander, and four-band parametric EQ on every channel and mix bus. 

Don't worry—we have done all the work for you! PreSonus collaborated with the Blue Devils to deliver additional StudioLive AI Fat Channel presets for your front ensemble instruments. Each preset correctly incorporates gates, expanders, compressors, and EQ in order to make your instruments sound clear and loud, while avoiding feedback. Easily dial in your mallets, soloists, and percussion instruments by using our Blue Devils Fat Channel presets along with the PreSonus factory StudioLive AI presets.

Click to Download Blue Devil's Fat Channel for Series

Click to Download Blue Devil's Fat

Step 1: Ensure the latest version of Universal Control is installed on your computer. This is available in your account. 

Step 2: Download the .zip archive and save to a new location on your computer.

Step 3. Open the .zip archive and copy all .channel files into the Studio Live AI Fat folder on your computer. 

C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\PreSonus\StudioLive AI\Library\Presets\Fat (View Picture)

MacHD/Users/[Username]/Documents/PreSonus/StudioLive AI/Library/Presets/Fat (View Picture) 

Step 4. Launch Universal Control on your computer and choose the channel presets menu on the far right of the screen. (View Picture)

Step 5. Ensure you've selected the "Local" tab in order to locate the presets you've saved on your local device (the computer). (View Picture)

Step 6. Choose the desired channel preset and click "LOAD". (View Picture) 

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