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Music Creation Curriculum

This free method provides a framework for a music technology course at any level and is meant to support the growth of music education with technology. Teaching music creation using these tools aligns student learning with many assessed skills. Click for specific education standards.

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This course is designed to allow students at any level to enjoy creating music with technology. We provide six modules with sequential units, each with tutorials videos and lesson plans. The "Create a Song" template and assessment rubric are for developing student projects using the skills learned in the modules. This project-based approach scaffolds the introduction of various technological and compositional tools to create a dynamic learning environment allowing for differentiated instruction at all levels.

The goal of this course is to engage students in the entire music creation and production process using multiple tools. The six modules are designed to be cyclical, meaning students should try to work through all six modules before starting a project. You may choose to only complete one lesson per module, or to complete all lessons per module. Therefore, the instructor determines the pacing based on student level and length of course.

Once new technological skills are proficient, use the information to engage in the song creation process using the “Create a Song” template. A sample assessment rubric is also provided.

The scope and sequence of this method is not designed to include instructional materials for teaching music theory, style, and composition. Instead, this curriculum provides a framework for introducing these elements using technology and project-based learning. The introduction of music history and theory is at the discretion of the instructor based on the student level. 

Here are a few examples of how this method will work:

Example 1

Use the first lesson in each of the six modules. After all six lessons are complete, define music parameters to create a song from conception to distribution.  Repeat all six modules using second lesson, then define another “create a song" project.

Example 2

Use the six-module process at a slower pace and introduce multiple new musical concepts in each module. Module 1 could create a country song in ABABA form. Module 2 could create a rock and roll song in the key of A pentatonic in ABAA form. Module 3 could teach the history of jazz by creating a song in a blues form and harmony.

Example 3

Use all tutorials within a single module, such as Module 4 on music notation. While this method is designed to provide a range of technology experiences, modules can be used in their entirety to create in-depth units of study. 


Lesson: Musical Form with Musicloops - PDF |

Lesson: Creating Rhythmic Accompaniments with Musicloops - PDF |





Lesson: Creating Melodic Accompaniments with Musicloops  - PDF |


Lesson: Vintage Keys - PDF



Lesson: Bringing Others in the Loop - PDF 


Lesson: Orchestration Station - PDF 

Lesson 1: Making Chords - PDF |

Lesson 2: Creating Basic MIDI Drumbeats - PDF |

Lesson 3: Creating Two-Measure Loops using MIDI Drumbeats - PDF |

Lesson 4: World Music Drumming with Virtual Instruments - PDF |



Lesson: Transcription with Virtual Instruments - PDF |



Lesson: I've Got Rhythm - PDF 


Lesson: What Does That Look Like? - PDF |


Lesson: Echo and Delay - PDF 

Lesson1: Deconstructed Listening - PDF |

Lesson 2: Deconstructed Performance Critique - PDF |

Lesson: How Big is That Room? PDF



Lesson: Transcription - PDF |


Lesson: Crescendo/Decrescendo PDF

Tutorial: Delay Tips

Lesson: What's the Delay? PDF 

Lesson: What Does That Look Like? - PDF |




Lesson: Notate for Bach - PDF |


Lesson: Play It In Rhythm - PDF |



Lesson: Spice it up! - PDF |


Lesson: Meter Matters PDF 


Lesson: Making Rehearsal Audio - PDF 





Lesson: Is That My Voice? - PDF 


Lesson: Let's Try That Again - PDF 


Lesson: The Perfect Solo - PDF 


Lesson: So Many Drums! - PDF


Lesson: What's the Delay? - PDF 

Lesson: Promote a Demo - PDF |

Lesson: Go To Market - PDF 


Lesson: To Tweet or Not to Tweet? - PDF

Lesson: I Want a Discount! - PDF 

Lesson: The Campaign - PDF 

Lesson: The Whole Shebang - PDF 

Download the "Create a Song" Template

Download the "Create a Song" Assessment Rubric

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