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Lesson Plans and Video Tutorials 

Studio One® is the ideal DAW for the classroom because it is easy to learn, works on Mac and Windows, and the free version can be used at home for assignments. We offer free, downloadable lesson plans with video tutorials. These lessons and tutorials will assist both educators and students in a music technology course. Check back regularly for updates or sign up on our home page and be the first to know when new lessons are posted. 


Creating Basic MIDI Drumbeats - PDF |

Creating Two-Measure Loops using MIDI Drumbeats - PDF |

World Music Drumming with Virtual Instruments - PDF |

I've Got Rhythm - PDF

So Many Drums - PDF

Musical Form

Musical Form with Musicloops - PDF |

ABA Form with MIDI Drumbeats - PDF |

Creating an Eight-Measure MIDI Drumbeat with Fills - PDF |

Bringing Others in the Loop - PDF


Make a Demo - PDF |

Make a Music History Podcast - PDF |

Promote a Demo - PDF |

Creating Melodic Accompaniments with Musicloops - PDF |

Creating Rhythmic Accompaniments with Musicloops - PDF |

Is That My Voice? - PDF

Let's Try That Again - PDF

Crescendo/Decrescendo - PDF

Echo and Delay - PDF

What's the Delay? - PDF

How Big is That Room? - PDF


Composing a Single Melody - PDF |

Composing a Single Melody with Melodic Accompaniment Using Musicloops PDF |

Composing a Single Melody with Percussion Accompaniment Using Musicloops - PDF |

What Does That Look Like? - PDF |

Notate for Bach (Notion) - PDF |


Making Chords - PDF |

Meter Matters (Notion) - PDF

Spice it Up! (Notion) - PDF |

Orchestration Station (Notion) - PDF

Play It In (Notion) - PDF |

Listening Assignments 

Deconstructed Listening - PDF |

Deconstructed Performance Critique - PDF |

Transcription - PDF |

Transcription with Virtual Instruments - PDF |


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